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The World We Live In

When I first started posting photos of the beautiful, real women that I chose to model for Evy James Boutique, I didn't even think of what others might think about us.  Negative feedback never even crossed my mind.  All I could see in these women was beauty, confidence and courage as they stepped out of what is comfortable and put themselves out there for the world. 

I started posting a few of the stunning images from our fun day of hair, makeup, and photos, as soon as I received a few sneak peaks from the photographer.  I was too excited not to share what she was able to capture, the beauty that I see in those special women who openly accepted my somewhat terrifying invitation to model. 

And then, it happened.  

I was hit with the reality of what it means to put yourself out there in the present state of the world we live in.  I posted this picture and caption:


Immediately there was a plastic surgeon who liked the image, like within seconds guys.  

And what the crap!  there is literally ZERO reason that the things that I tagged would lead a plastic surgeon to this photo. 

So, I clicked into said plastic surgeons Instagram page and guess what its full of?  

BREASTS!  Tons and tons of breasts and breast implants and "You'll look better once..." type messages.  

It made me so steaming mad!  Seriously, Livid!

Guy must be searching for people with small busts or something! 

All that to say, all the creeper did was strengthen my resolve to support and inspire. To applaud women who are brave enough to be proud of who they are, where they're at, not striving or comparing themselves to others.  I want to lift up the women who have been pushed down by the negativity and hatred of what women really are and look like.  And remind each of them that they are unique and beautiful. Just. How. They. Are.


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