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Hair Extensions- Part 2

  Continuing from Part 1

Now down to the Real Honest Review of Philocaly Hair Extensions. 

 The type of extensions I used were called tape ins, and for those who have never used extensions before the tape in style are sections (wefts) of hair that are sort of sandwiched around your natural hairs using a special kind of “tape”.    Philocaly’s hair extensions come in packages with 30 wefts that create 15 little hair “sandwiches”.  If you are using the extensions to add thickness then often between 1 & 2 bundles are needed.  If using for both thickness and length, or trying to add more length than 6 inches, 3 bundles will be needed. 

Each set of Philocaly hair extensions are from one single donor, who willingly came to their factory and was paid for their hair. Each strand of hair keeps its cuticle intact which helps keep it healthier and even helps it avoid tangled. Which was something I loved while wearing the extensions, they were much less tangly than I expected. 

I have very fine hair and my hair was short when having the extensions installed so it took 3 full packs of hair wefts to get a full, well blended look. I wasn’t prepared for that and had actually only bought two of the bundles but when it came time for install we decided I would need another. I actually had two bundles of Mulberry and one in Mocha Melt.  Which ended up being really great and gave a beautiful dimension to the hair. 

Becuase of my fine hair I probably struggled more than most at taking care of where the tabs connect to the hair, and there were a few that were pulled out and took a bit of hair with it.  If you have never had extensions before then you may find that worriessome as I did at first. But really most of us loose hair everyday, it just seems like more because it’s caught on the tapes.  I do recommend having a friend or hairstylist remove your tape ins and that you use proper remover (Philocaly sells a great one).  But most importantly, I recommend actually waiting 5-8 weeks before removal. Do not try to remove them before they’re ready to come out, or you will likely have a more difficult time and could do damage to your hair. 

I had the extensions installed and removed twice to make sure I had a full idea of the results and issues so I could share it with you.  

I actually found that the first week after install was always sore and itchy but then as my hair grew it loosened, it became much less annoying.  The worst part of the whole thing was that less than a week after having them installed the first time, I got pneumonia (while I was on vacation to Nashville!)  So fevered and fatigued and traveling on multiple airlines I was very much ready to shave off my itchy sweating head, natural hair and all.   Thankfully Junie (my friend and hairdresser) talked me out of it, but she did remove a few of the lowest tabs that were on my neck and making me the most annoyed. 

Removal that first time wasn’t the easiest, I did myself and it took forever (3 packs of hair) and the tabs we not totally ready to come out. The second removal was better, they were much more ready to be removed and I tried a few different methods of removal to find the best one for my fine hair. Like I said though, have a friend help.  

It is recommended by Philocaly that you have the extensions installed by a Philocaly registered stylist. And I would definitely agree, there’s no reason to put your beautiful hair (natural or purchased) at risk to save a few bucks. It’s worth it for both the install and the trim to make them blend beautifully. 

I know that extensions are not for everyone, I was just excited to find a more ethically sourced product that is sold by a group of local sisters doing a pretty exciting thing in their industry.   

Will I do them again, most likely!  

The hair I have will last at least a year with good care.  I loved the freedom to have my long hair back without the years of growth, and to also be able to put them in while I grow out awkward stages of growing my hair. 

Let me me know if you end up trying them out!! 

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