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Hair Extensions - Part 1

I have always enjoyed doing my hair. But my hair is fine and sometimes has a mind of its own and over the years the amount of time I have been able to put into my hairstyles has ebbed and flowed.    

Likea lot of women, when I was home with a newborn, I got so sick of having my hair in a ponytail that I cut it short.  I occasionally regretted it, but I would just remind myself how much I hated always wearing a ponytail and I would just try another type of short haircut or colour to spice things up.  

I have had shortish hair for the last 7.5 years! It was time for a change.


The only extensions I have tried up to this point in my life was a really horrible set of clip ins.  They weren’t cheap, they just weren’t good either.  I used them a few times, washed them and took generally good care of them but they still looked worse and worse.  They were Remy Hair extensions, labeled “human hair” and I assumed I was that the price I was paying meant I was getting quality. 

I also naively assumes that they hair was acquired in ways that were anything but sinister.   But turns out, the price I paid didn’t equal value and most likely I was wrong about the way it was procured as well.

Refinery29 has a great (short) documentary that really paints a picture of what the hair industry looks like across the world. Watch it here.

Like most of us, I was blind to the injustice in both the hair that I purchased as well as the clothing I was wearing. 

As I have made changes in the area of my clothing, as I considered extensions I wanted to be mindful and ethical in that area as well.  Which is why I was so pleased to discover Philocaly Hair Extensions. 

Philocaly’s hair extensions are made from Russian Remy Human hair, each bundle comes from a single donor and is not covered in silicone and uses regular hair dying processes. Often hair extensions come from many donors, are coated in synthetics or silicones and are even died using garment dyes instead of hair dyes. 

Check out the Philocaly difference here

I was very excited to try out Philocaly extensions and can’t wait to tell you all about my experience.  But I will save that for another day so you can go and check out both Philocaly and why it’s so important to know where your hair extensions are coming from.  

But here’s a peak at the results ...

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