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Five Favourite Fall... Hats

   One of my favourite things to add to a fall outfit is a the perfect fall hat. There are so many hats to choose from and the Most Important Thing to Remember when finding a hat, is to choose one that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.
   Don't splurge on something just because it is on trend, try to find one that suits your face shape, head size and skin tone.  Most of us have this idea in our heads that we cannot pull of wearing a hat, but when it comes down to it it is 25% fit and 75% confidence.
This fall we have been spotting all sorts of styles of hats which makes it easier to find one that suits you! From bowlers to fedoras, berets to beanies. Here are some of our favourites this fall.  
1.  The Wide Brim Felt Hat
These hats come in a variety of colours, fits and textures but the Felt hat is perfect for all. We loved this burgundy hat during our fall photoshoot, it paired so well with many of our outfits.  Versatility is important when picking a hat, if its a colour thats going to clash with most of what you own, find a better colour, unless you absolutely Love it. 
Find some great ones here and here.  
Photos by Krystal Moore Photography 
2.  Suede Newsboy 
These hats have been around for ages but are making their comeback, this time with different materials to bring them into this decade.  
*** Remember:  Its only 25% fit and 75% confidence!***
Similar found here. Vintage one found here
Photos by Yellow Bird Photography 
3. Knitted Wide Brim
 Similar to the felt wide brim hat, this knitted version adds a perfect amount of texture and softness. Often a little floppier than the felt version this hat great for anyone who likes the look of a great floppy hat. 
 Hand Knit ones here here or here.
Photos by Krystal Moore Photography 
4. Tweed/ Plaid Newsboy 
Occasionally called the "Greek Fisherman" hat, this is one of my favourites. I feel like most people are afraid of this style of hat, evidenced by the fact that no other ladies even tried to wear it for the photo shoot. But if done right, this hat looks adorable with skinny jeans and a tight longs sleeve knit top, or a sweater dress and boots... seriously Pinterest is has tons of examples on how to style these hats, for all seasons. They really are nothing to be afraid of. 
Similar here. Handmade versions found here. 

Photos by Yellow Bird Photography 
5.  Felt Boater
Typically with a stiff flat crown and a shorter less floppy brim this boater hat can come in many types of materials and colours.  For our photoshoot we used a bold burgundy because it really pops agains the fall foliage and dark colours. This style of hat is often worn tilted slightly up and not flat on the top of the head, although some women can pull that look off as well.  (Its mostly about confidence as stated above)
Photos by Krystal Moore Photography 
You don't need to purchase low quality hats made by people barely earning a wage, there are great options out there for hats made in Canada, America and Ethically all over the world. It just takes a little searching. 
Here is a small list of some great Etsy Makers who craft Handmade Hats in all sorts of amazing styles, colours, and varieties. 

2. Riviere Wares (from Moose Jaw) 
3. Easy Living Hats 
4.Hufvud (an investment piece)
5. ZUThats

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