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Five Fall Favourites... Lip Stick

One of the most difficult things for the models and I to wear this past weekend during our photo shoot wasn’t any of the items of clothing, it was actually our Lipstick! 
Not one of us were used to the bold colours that we were sporting for the shoot.  
What surprised me the most, and it probably shouldn’t have, was how encouraging everyone else was about the lipstick but also how unsure they were of their own at the same time. 
Because of my lack of knowledge and lack of a lip stick collection, I reached out to the lovely Jesyka Chelle for her suggestions.  So, if you are a novice like me or a Lip Stick aficionado, here is a list of 5 great Lip Sticks for Fall.
Jesyka is a Makeup Artist here in Moose Jaw and specializes in special occasion applications, lessons, lash artistry and body waxing.  Jesyka has a makeup collection that had me in awe, every shade and colour to choose from from all different companies. Her passion and creativity shine through her artistry. 
When talking to Jesyka about lipstick and the things that us novices should know, I was shocked to learn that "anyone can wear any colour of lipstick, it's about the confidence not the shade." 
Jaw drop! I really did think that someday I would stumble upon the one shade that actually looks good on me, that one, magic shade. 
I hope that has you questioning your colours and spurring you on to try out something new. 
"Lipstick isn't just about the colour, it's about how you feel wearing it. Just like how a great pair of jeans can make you feel like a million bucks!"
With that in mind, I hope that you can look at these Fall Lipsticks with excitement to test out something new that might be just what you need to feel extra confident, bold and jaw droppingly gorgeous. 
So do you dare to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? Something Bold? Or Daring?  Just remember, its not about the colour, its about your confidence. So be yourself and own it. 
A HUGE thanks to Jesyka Chelle for her wisdom and her beautiful stash of lipsticks!  
And also a huge thanks to Danielle from NATZ baby shop for taking amazing photographs!

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  • The bite multistick!! It dries as a lightweight powder and you can use it on your cheeks too – cashew and biscotti are my fav colours

    • Sarah